Get Hopping

Jump Plot helps analysts quickly identify
outliers in repeated event sequences


Jump Plot intuitively identifies performance bottlenecks between and across multiple checkpoints that make up workflows


Not Afraid to Scale

Jump Plot scales to high volume series executions. When series categorization is used, series filtering and highlighting can be used to expand the dataset even further without overwhelming analysts


Multiple Variations


Set thresholds for individual event hops and isolate data series that breach your target performance on a per-hop basis


Compare event hops across your data series regardless of varying measures of time.

Jump Panel

Quickly evaluate a large number of dimensions and/or series to identify trends and target root causes of delays

Jump Line

Evaluate macro processing trends or granular dimension processing trends in-line with your data

With Jump Plot…

Discover outliers

Compare performance to thresholds

Find process bottlenecks

Pinpoint issues in throughput